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Experience and inspiration to ensure your stained glass commission is perfect

Dorset-based artist Jude Alderman has been designing and making stained glass panels and decorative leaded lights for almost twenty years.

“I love colour and I love light, and this medium enables me to focus more on the importance of both in our lives and environments.”

Celtic eagle stained glass panelAt her studio in Bridport, Jude can guide you through the process of commissioning a beautiful and well-crafted window or door panel for your home.  One of Jude’s strengths is her ability to work in a variety of styles: traditional period and contemporary, pictorial or abstract.

“I love the design side, especially when I can use my own ideas.  I love working in collaboration with a client to give them exactly what they want.”

Designs drawing on a love of the natural world

Jude’s original design work sometimes draws on inspiration from mandalas, sacred geometry and Celtic art.  Her real love, however, is the natural world she sees around her: the Dorset landscape and wildlife, birds and plants, the sea and sky.

“I live near the Dorset coast and find I often take the sea as a starting point for designs.  I love where the land meets the sea, waves breaking, froth and foam over pebbles...”

Puffins detailJude uses the colours and qualities of the glass itself, combined with a strong use of line, to try and capture the essential nature of the subject.

“Glass is a rigid and difficult medium, and it holds a lot of challenges.  In my opinion, nothing has more impact on space than glass in architecture, and this is what excites me.”

Expertise in a wide range of decorative glass techniques

Jude has a City and Guilds qualification in Decorative Stained Glass, and she is currently studying for the BA in Architectural Glass at Swansea Metropolitan University.

Painted glass panel detail“My training has taught me how to paint on glass, and how to fuse and mould pieces of glass in a kiln.  I can also offer other surface treatments of the glass, such as sand-blasting or acid-etching.”

Jude spends a lot of time with her clients, discussing their individual requirements.  As well as initial discussion about design ideas, the process will involve a site survey, looking at glass samples, selecting the final design and glass, and reviewing the work as it progresses.  Jude feels that each client presents a new and exciting opportunity.

“The more I learn about glass, the more I see what might be possible.  Having a sense of that is what draws me on.”

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